Hey there!

I am Skylar Fontaine, owner and photographer of Skylar Fontaine Photography LLC. I am a lifelong resident of the New Orleans area. I began my business when I was in high school, over 6 years ago! Photography has always been a passion of mine. The fact that I have been able to make a career out of it is an absolute blessing. I have experience in pretty much every type of photography, but I specialize in portraiture and wedding work. I put my heart into my business and I LOVE what I do! Photography is my dream job. Meeting clients who become great friends is the best part of this business.

I have perfected my craft over the past 6+ years that I have been in business. I have invested thousands into education and gear to make sure that every client has a wonderful experience. When you book with me, I want you to know that you are helping my dreams come true by growing my small business. I am the only employee of this photography business. I do all of the photographing, editing, and behind the scenes work. I work long hours to make sure that my clients receive beautiful images. Although it is a tedious job, I would not change it for the world.

I hope that we get to work together soon to capture some memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.